Pre Flight Meet and Greet Gatwick



  • Opening times  24 Hours / 7 Days
  • Estimated journey time to airport: Drop off at the terminal
  • Your keys will stay with the car park whilst you are away.
  • Taxi can't be parked


Pre Flight Meet and Greet Gatwic   offer a budget cost effective meet and greet at Gatwick Airport.

Why Book This Parking Space?

  • You leave your keys
  • No Transfer time (meet & greet service).
  • Simply drive to the terminal and will collect your car, allowing you to reach check in within minutes.
  • Chauffeur  will meet you at the terminal building at the designated area to collect your car. 
  • When you return from your trip our chauffeur returns your car to you at the terminal.

Disabled Info

No transfers are needed meet and greet will be an excellent alternative for disabled customers who would find it difficult to use transfer buses. Your car is collected from the terminal when you leave, and brought back to you at the terminal on return.

Additional Info

  • Please ensure your car.
  • Tyres are required to meet the legal limits
  • Vehicle must have valid road tax.
  • Have sufficient petrol as it is parked off airport.
  • Vehicle must have valid MOT.
  • Vehicle must be safe to drive.

Note: Airport  charges not  included £4.00 each side.

Vehicle restrictions

Very large vehicles and minibuses may be refused if prior arrangements are not made. 


All drivers are fully insured to drive your vehicle.

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Departure Procedure

Departure/Drop off procedure

Please give us a call on Airport Duty Number when you are about 25-30*minutes away from the airport. 

Directions for South Terminal

Once you entered the South Terminal, please follow the signs for Short Stay & Pick Up. You will go through the barriers, take a ticket from the barriers and follow the signs for "Orange Car Park 3" and go to “4th Floor or Level 4” and park your vehicle in an empty space. You must hand over the car key(s) to our member of staff. 

Direction for North Terminal

Once you entered the North Terminal, please follow the signs for Short stay & pick up. You will go through the barriers, take a ticket from the barriers and keep your vehicle on the right hand side of the road. Make your way to “Short Stay Car Park Number 6”and park your car on the “5th Floor or Level 5”. You must hand over the car key(s) to our member of staff.

Return Procedure

Arrival/Return Procedure

Give us a call on Airport Duty Number  prvided in email confirmation once you have got your luggage and allow us 25-30*minutes for the delivery of your vehicle. Upon collection of your vehicle, please make sure you check your vehicle thoroughly. If there is any discrepancy or concerns, please report it to the driver immediately.
Liability of these claims cannot be considered once your vehicle has been handed over to you so please check your vehicle carefully before leaving the meeting point.

* Please Note during Busy Periods such as Rush Hour, Road Works and Situation beyond our control, we might take an extra time to pick up/deliver your vehicle.

Note:£5 Car Park Exit Fee is NOTincluded in the price.
Directions for South terminal
Please go to Orange Car Park, Level 4.
Directions for North terminal
Please go to Car Park 6, Level 5.

Late Arrivals / Return

If you are returning from early or late flight, please give us at least 24 Hours notice otherwise there could be a delay on collection.
Note: Any delays will be at the rate of £10/day, payable to the driver immediately. Next day starts from 00:01

Early/Late departure (drop off)

Please note if you are dropping off your vehicle Early or Late, give us minimum 2-3 hours' notice. We will try our best to accommodate you but there is no guarantee to meet you earlier than your original booking time.

Moving and Relocation of vehicles

Please note that the company reserves the right to move the vehicle within or outside the car parks if we consider it necessary in emergencies or for the efficient arrangement of our parking facilities at our car parks. Your car can be driven for up to a maximum of 35-40 miles for this purpose if required.