Platinum Parking



Opening times 04:00 till 23:59 / 7 Days

Drop off at the terminal.

Your keys will stay with the car park whilst you are away.

Why book this parking space?

You leave your keys

No transfer time (meet & greet service)

Simply drive to the terminal and will collect your car, allowing you to reach check-in within minutes.

He will then photograph your car and drive it to our parking compound nearby. 

Special cheap price, not always available. Book Today to avoid disappointment.

Chauffeur will meet you at the terminal building at the designated area to collect your car. 

When you return from your trip our chauffeur returns your car to you at the terminal.

On your return, your car is only a phone call away and will be delivered back to the terminal for your convenience. 

All  drivers are mature, uniformed, carry I.D. And are fully insured to drive your vehicle.

Disabled info

No transfers are needed, Meet and Greet will be an excellent alternative for disabled customers who would find it difficult to use transfer buses. Your car is collected from the terminal when you leave, and brought back to you at the terminal on return.

Additional info

Tyres are required to meet the legal limits.

Vehicle must have valid Road Tax.

Have sufficient petrol as it is parked off airport.

Vehicle must have valid MOT.

Vehicle must be safe to drive.

Vehicle restrictions

Very large vehicles and minibuses may be refused if prior arrangements are not made.


All drivers are fully insured to drive your vehicle.

Departure Procedure

Drop-off Procedure
Please give Platinum Parking Meet & Greet Heathrow once you are 30 minutes away from the terminal and follow the directions to your specified terminal. Please note the directions to each terminal sometimes changes during certain periods so please confirm with the controller.

Terminal 2 Postcode: (TW6 1EW) Terminal 2 Departure Instructions: Go through the main tunnel to the Central Terminal Area for Terminals 1, 2 & 3. Exiting the tunnel, keep right, passing the Central Bus Station, joining the final approaches to Terminal 2 on Cosmopolitan Way. Again, keep right as the road to Terminal 2 will move away from building, before turning back as the road ramps up to Terminal 2 Departures & the Short Stay 2 car park on Constellation Way. On the rising ramp, continue to keep right as the ramp will lead directly into the "Short stay car park" entry barriers. Take the barrier ticket and enter the car park. Entering the car park on Level 4, keep RIGHT for Level 4 following the signs for Off Airport Parking Meet & Greet and then park your vehicle in "Row B". Terminal 3 Postcode: (TW6 3QG)

Departure Instructions For Heathrow Terminal 3: Go through the main tunnel to the Central Terminal Area for Terminals 1, 2 & 3. Exiting the tunnel, keep in the 1st lane and follow signs for Terminal 3 Passenger drop off area at Departures and park your car in the lane furthest away from the terminal building where you will be met by a chauffeur. Take a ticket from the barrier and take your car to Level 3, then park your vehicle in ROW A

Terminal 4 Postcode: (TW6 3XA) Departure Instructions For Heathrow Terminal 4: When Entering Heathrow Airport, following signs for Terminal 4, Departure Passenger Drop Off, as you go on the ramp towards Terminal 4, keep your vehicle in the left hand lane, and enter into Lane 3, which is the furthest lane away from the Terminal. Continue down the lane and at the end just pull over at the drop off .

Terminal 5: Postcode: (TW6 2GA) Departure Instructions For Heathrow Terminal 5 Follow the signs for "Short stay Car Park" found on the right hand side of the ramp as you enter the exit for Terminal 5 roundabout. After following the signs for Short Stay Car Park, you will see a sign on the left-hand lane marked "LEVEL 4". Stay in this lane which will take you straight to a set of barriers. Take the ticket from the barrier and make your way to Zones R-S. Park your vehicle in these designated areas which is sign posted in these zones as Off Airport Meet & Greet

Return Procedure

Return Procedure

Step 1 - On your return please give us a call once you have collected all your luggage and we will arrange for one of our drivers to bring your vehicle to the Short-Stay Car Park (same place where you dropped your car unless instructed otherwise by the controller).

Step 2 - The Driver will meet you at designated place. Here you will be asked to fully inspect your own vehicle. Once you have satisfactorily checked over your vehicle and ensured all is in order our representative will hand over your keys and ticket.