• Note:

    If a customer books an incorrect return and then their flight is scheduled after 23.59 their vehicle will be returned at 04.00 for a fee of £30 or if they require their car between 00.00 and 04.00 the fee will be £80.

    Book This Parking Space?

    You leave your keys

    No Transfer time (Meet & Greet service)

    Simply drive to the terminal and  will collect your car, allowing you to reach check-in within minutes

    He will then photograph your car and drive it to our parking compound nearby. 

    Special cheap price, not always available...Book Today to avoid disappointment

     chauffeur will meet you at the terminal building at the designated area to collect your car. 

    When you return from your trip our chauffeur returns your car to you at the terminal.

    On your return, your car is only a phone call away and will be delivered back to the terminal for your convenience. 

    All  drivers are mature, uniformed, carry I.D. And are fully insured to drive your vehicle.

    Disabled Info

    No transfers are needed, Meet and Greet will be an excellent alternative for disabled customers who would find it difficult to use transfer buses. Your car is collected from the terminal when you leave, and brought back to you at the terminal on return.

    Additional Info

    Please ensure your car :

    Tyres are required to meet the legal limits

    Vehicle must have valid Road Tax

    Have sufficient petrol as it is parked off airport

    Vehicle must have valid MOT

     Vehicle must be safe to drive

    Vehicle Restrictions
    Very large vehicles and minibuses may be refused if prior arrangements are not made. 


    All drivers are fully insured to drive your vehicle.

Departure Procedure




You MUST call us on the Airport Operation's number below when you are approximately 25 - 30 MINUTES from the airport. Our representative will guide you to the drop off point.

If you are early we will endeavour to accommodate your new arrival time, subject to a rebooking fee. A minimum of 30 minute's notice is required. If you do not call us and arrive before your booked arrival time we cannot guarantee that a driver will be there to meet you. If you arrive before your agreed arrival time you will be subject to Express Set Down / Short Stay Car Park charges.

If you are running late you must call us at least 30 minutes prior to your booked arrival time. We will then endeavour to rebook a new arrival time, subjext to a rebooking fee. If you arrive after your booked arrival time we cannot guarantee a driver will be available to meet you.

Return Procedure


After collecting your luggage you must call us on the Airport Operation's number below. If you only have hand luggage please call after clearing passport control. Our representative will guide you to the pick up point.

Your vehicle will be ready for collection approximately 30 minutes after your flight has landed. If for any reason you experience a delay after landing you must contact us. You are required, once all luggage has been collected to contact us.: