Gatwick Park & Ride

Gatwick Park and Ride

Park and Ride Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Park and Ride is most economical way to park your car. You have to drive to the car parking address provided and park your car in a secure place, then catch the shuttle back to the terminal. The transport service is available 24/7.

Park and Ride is less expensive as compare to meet and greet service, because park and ride i nvolves driving to the secure car park, it will take some time so make sure that you are on time.

Meet and Greet is different, you drive straight to the terminal and driver will park your car to the safe parking space.

If you are looking for cheaper options then off-airport park and ride is ideal for you, they are just five minutes by shuttle to your terminal. When you arrive back and have collected your luggage, make you way outside to catch the free bus back to the car park.

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Car Park Security

Our parking areas are secure, safe and under 24/7 surveillance to ensure you find your vehicle in the exact same condition as you left it.

Park and Ride benefits

Park and Ride is cheaper than Meet and Greet. If you are planning a trip and you don’t want to spend so much money on car parking, then park and ride is ideal option for you easily affordable and secure.

Also if you have more time on your hands when arriving at the airport this is a great option, and take a free shuttle bus back to the terminal it will take few minutes.