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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Travel Extra Deals Ltd. take privacy quite seriously. Your personal information is our responsibility. With your consent only we will contact you for different marketing promotions. It is extremely easy for you to opt out of any type of marketing promotions simply by calling, writing or emailing to us. We are strictly against selling any information to third parties. The information generally collected by us includes:

1. Your name

2. Phone number

3. Address

4. Email address

4. Information on services or products purchased

5. Debit card/Credit card details

6. Responses to questionnaires, surveys and competitions Sensitive information Related to you is never collected by us without prior explicit consent.


The information available to us will be up to date and accurate. If you want, you can check that by sending an email to us. In case of inaccuracies, we will correct or delete it as quickly as possible. If you want your personal information to be changed, you can contact us by emailing, calling or writing. Every bit of your personal information will be kept securely through our company's internal security policy as well as the law. In order to track the behaviour pattern of the visitors to our website, we might use technology which includes using tracking software or cookie. Cookies generally get stored in your computer and the browser can be modified to prevent this occurrence. If the browser settings are not modified, information collected through this process is used for your identification. If the cookies are switched off, some functions might get restricted and in turn affect the operation of the website, i.e. you might not be able to access special discounts and promotions. The main purpose behind using tracking software is for recording the behaviour of a consumer group rather than individuals. The information which gets collected cannot be used for your identification. In case of any comments/questions about our privacy policy, please Call Us.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on the computer when you surf through specific pages on internet. Cookies are used by us for keeping track of the things within your basket and for remembering you once you make a return visit to our website. If you want to make airport parking booking with Travel Extra Deals Ltd. then cookies should be enabled in your computer. If you choose to disable cookies, browsing the website will not be a problem for you and you can still use it for any other purpose. Majority of web browsers come with cookies enabled, but you can refer to the Managing Cookies section provided below to turn on cookies if it is disabled. The most important thing to be aware of is that no harm comes to the computer if cookies are enabled. Personally identifiable information like credit card details is not stored by us. However, some of the encrypted information obtained from cookies is used by us to improve your experience regarding our website. For instance, identification and resolving of errors becomes quite easy. There are some continually monitored and carefully selected suppliers with whom we have working relationships and they might also set cookies once you visit the website. This is mainly done to make you aware of different products as well as services depending on what interests you.

Refund Policy


How to make Cancellation

All cancellation must be made in writing by email to

Refund will be within 30 days cancellation.


Cancellation within 48 hours to start of the contrat - NO REFUND

Cancellation before 48 hours to the start of the contract - £15 Admin Charge.